Resilient Ventures was founded in 2018 with the purpose to create and manage high-yield investment opportunities that contribute to a better world.

We believe that making money for our investors and making a positive impact on our climate, ecosystems and communities go hand in hand.

About the Team

  • The members of our small but all-round team are experienced serial entrepreneurs, international executives and professionals with track records in Finance, Renewable Energy, Supply Chain, Real Estate Development, European Innovation Programs, Information Technology and Management as well as Private Equity;
  • Together, we combine strategic know-how and hands-on operational experience with a strong international network of innovators, entrepreneurs, companies (start-up and established), professionals and (seed-/VC-) investors in these sectors;
  • Thanks to our involvement at the forefront of the European, Portuguese and other innovation programs, we have close working relationships with relevant national and EU institutions and markets, and enjoy strong relationships with local, regional and central government;
  • Moreover, we have valuable in-depth understanding of the critical European strategic initiatives, being actively involved in working groups on the development of EU as well as Iberian policy related to the digitalization, decentralization and decarbonization of the energy sector. Our team members are also part of key European projects developing the next generation of digital energy platforms and solutions, providing a unique insight into the disruptive technology, business models and policy opportunities that are part of the 3rd Industrial Revolution;


Marc Rechter


Natalie Samovich

non-executive Director

David Pascall

non-executive Director