Our Investments

We source, develop, promote and manage international high-yield impact investments in early-stage companies as well as in infra-structure projects connected with Sustainability and Smart Innovation, with a special focus on the digital and disruptive business models brought about by the so-called “3rd Industrial Revolution”.

We have privileged access to unique opportunities in the areas of Renewable Energy, Green Hydrogen, Smart grids, IoT, Cloud Analytics, Logistics, Tourism and Real Estate, when they are still in an early stage of development, hence allowing our international investors to derive substantial value from our proprietary investment projects.

We focus on two types of international investment opportunities:

  1. Start-ups / early-stage companies and
  2. Infra-structure projects

We do not follow a classical selection process, but rather become involved at a very early stage (“ahead of the curve”) with promising companies/investment projects out of our extensive network, thus enabling us to accumulate valuable insight into their potential and risks and allowing us at the right moment a privileged access to proprietary investment opportunities

In special cases we can also (co-)develop interesting opportunities, thereby leveraging our in-depth knowledge of the latest European innovation initiatives and/or of already existing related activities

Investment profile “Start-ups / Early-stage”

Our “early-stage” investment opportunities fit the following criteria:

  • International companies/projects with business models geared towards Sustainability and Smart Innovation, mainly in Renewable Energy (solar, wind), Green Hydrogen, Smart grids, IoT, Cloud Analytics and Logistics
  • Early-stage: Start-ups in their second-seed and Series A stage
  • Innovative and scalable products/services with a compelling value proposition
  • Large potential market and clear go-to-market strategy
  • Strong and complementary leadership team with ability to execute
  • Superior expected risk/return profile for our investors
  • Investment amount range: EUR 500K – EUR 2,5M
  • Minimum ticket: EUR 125K for individual “well-informed” investors; EUR 250K for companies / vehicles / corporations

Investment profile “Infra-structure projects”

Our “infra-structure” investment opportunities fit the following criteria:

  • Iberian infra-structure projects in the areas of Renewable Energy (solar, wind), Green Hydrogen, Real Estate and/or Tourism. Projects can encompass a mix of these disciplines
  • Multiple investment instruments can be offered: equity, (mezzanine) debt notes etc.
  • Superior expected risk/return profile for our investors regarding each instrument
  • Investment amount range: EUR 2,5M – EUR 5M+
  • Minimum ticket: EUR 150K for individual “well-informed” investors; EUR 300K for companies / vehicles / corporations

Our philosophy is to structure and fund the investment opportunities case by case, this opposed to a Fund-approach. This allows us to be more selective with regard to the opportunity at hand and its timing and to look for an optimal match with the right investors once we are convinced of the investment case.

We can afford to wait until the right project “comes along”, there is no pressure to “spend the money that was raised”.

We follow a “boutique” approach in developing only a limited number of deals per year, always with full participation of Resilient Venture’s Founders and with considerable time being invested in knowing well the entrepreneurs and the economics of the venture.

We only select opportunities that offer a superior expected risk/return profile and subject all investments to a rigorous process of assessment/due diligence, that can be very comprehensive (thanks to our intensive involvement in the relevant sector networks), before presenting them to our investors.

Each investment is structured individually with as objectives: simplicity, tax efficiency, governance and maximum alignment with the investors. Where meaningful and available, we will leverage the possibilities of (asymmetric) public co-funding.

After the investment we exercise a thorough monitoring and support of the companies/projects in order to optimize the investment return and reduce the risks.

Throughout the life-cycle of the investment we keep short lines with our investors and inform by means of regular progress reports.